This photoshoot was taken a couple weeks ago during a cooooold MN afternoon! But we survived and the pics turned out awesome of course. Maria is also a photographer and we only knew of each other through mutual friends until one day we decided it’d be fun to meet up and shoot together! So that’s exactly what we did. We are also planning some exciting future shoots as well that I’m really looking forward too.



In honor of the subzero temperatures here in MN that are making the idea of doing anything outside of my cozy room sound terrible, I have decided to take this extra free time to officially launch my blog! I’m super excited for this upcoming summer and what it means for my little photog biz. I already have quite a few weddings booked and even though it’s going to be the busiest summer ever (I’m getting married as well) I can’t WAIT! My past clients are truly the best people, and a lot of my business has just been generated from referrals alone. I can’t wait to work with more clients this summer and capture more awesome moments!  Not only that, but I also have a ton of new exciting ideas and goals for my business that include photoshoot give-aways, fashion shoots, getting published, and more! This blog will be a place for me to post pics from my photoshoots as well as a place to share a lot more behind the scenes stuff – tips for clients, what to wear, post production editing, etc. Stay tuned!